Our Leadership Team
ERIC JORDAN, President and COO

Eric Jordan COO (Ph. D.) has over three decades involvement with high temperature materials including coatings and nearly two decades experience with thermal spray coatings. He has extensive experience with and was one of the primary developers of the solution plasma spray process, a key technology of Solution Spray Technologies LLC.

Dr. Jordan is currently finishing up a 30+ year career as a professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Connecticut which included extensive consulting in the gas turbine industry as well as over 60 funded research project the majority of which involved thermal spray. Dr. Jordan has a Ph. D. form the University of Wisconsin in Engineering Mechanics, is a Fellow of ASME and a member of the Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering.

ERIC JORDAN, President and COO, significant thermal spray experience

Dr. Maurice (Maury) Gell, has a long history at the forefront of high temperature materials and coatings development for gas turbine engines. Many of the current production thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) and directionally solidified and single crystal superalloys were developed by Dr. Gell and his group at Pratt & Whitney.

Dr. Gell has 27 years of service at Pratt & Whitney, culminating in his position as Manager of High Temperature Materials and Coatings. In addition, Dr. Gell has 22 years experience as Research Professor at the University of Connecticut.

MAURICE GELL, CTO significant thermal spray experience

Dr. Nair leads SST and its affiliated company, HiFunda LLC. He is passionate about leading technology companies and taking technologies from an early concept stage to commercial viability. His ventures through HiFunda including Oscilla Power, Inc, OPI Downhole, Inc. and SST have raised over $6M in private capital, and currently employ 19 people in 3 states. He was the CEO of EmiSense, a subsidiary of Ceramatec, which commercialized novel emissions sensor technologies and was subsequently acquired by Coorstek, Inc. Prior to EmiSense, Dr. Nair worked on chemical and energy technologies at Ceramatec with earlier experience at Argonne National Laboratory. He has 24 approved patents and multiple pending patents related to materials and device technologies.

BALAKRISHNAN NAIR, Ph.D., MBA significant thermal spray experience

Dr. Jiang has specialized expertise in plasma-sprayed coatings with his Ph.D. thesis and current project focused on plasma-sprayed ceramic coatings including low thermal-conductivity YSZ and high temperature corrosion resistant TBCs. At SST, HiFunda LLC and UConn, he has contributed to a variety of coating system developments including ultra-high temperature SPPS YAG TBCs, corrosion protection coatings for biomass combustors and solid oxide fuel cells, and ceramic membranes. He has significant experience with understanding the spray conditions needed to obtain desired coating structures. Dr. Jiang has 3 approved patents, 15+ publications, over 500 citations (H=11).

CHEN JIANG, Ph.D. significant thermal spray experience