SST offers thermal spray services and small-volume ceramic coating services and ceramic coating/membrane development services. We can deposit ceramic coatings on a variety of metal and ceramic substrates and help you develop a custom solution.


SST offers small-volume ceramic coating services and ceramic coating/membrane development services. We can deposit ceramic coatings on a variety of metal and ceramic substrates. We will have an experienced technician work with you to use our plasma spray booth to deposit your coatings for an all-inclusive cost of $2,000/day plus materials that you provide. For larger projects, contact us to discuss volume pricing options. We can do solution, powder, or suspension plasma spray.


We can work with you to develop ceramic coatings/membranes for your applications in a systematic, stage-gated manner, in a far more cost-effective fashion than universities or national laboratories, and give you complete access to the intellectual property developed for your desired field of use.

Play the video to see a ceramic coating being deposited using the SPPS process.

Why Partner with Solution Spray Technologies?
Experienced engineering support
Pre-determined pricing for spray booth usage
No intellectual property risk to customers
Can support small and large organizations

SST’s SPPS technology offers the potential to process ceramic coatings with unique microstructures and compositions that are difficult or expensive to process other competing processes.

The SPPS process offers the possibility to deposit value added coatings with expensive precursor materials with a line-of-sight, high throughput process at a fraction of the cost of vapor based processes. It offers the potential of depositing coatings with chemistries that will be very expensive to process through traditional powder based plasma routes.

Further, it allows the processing of a wide range of microstructures such as highly strain tolerant, porous microstructures at one end of the spectrum or very dense, very thin (under 20 microns), very dense (>95% density) gas impervious coatings both of which are difficult to process through traditional plasma routes.

As an added benefit, unlike traditional plasma routes, the SPPS route allows rapid screening of a wide range of compositions for development projects.

Our Unique Offering


Our coating facility is located in Mansfield, CT near the University of Connecticut campus.


For coating services, we will provide the services of an experienced technician to work with you and will operate the spray booth to achieve your goals.

For the coating/membrane development services, you will have access to the experience of our full team including Dr. Jordan, Dr. Gell and two other Ph.D.s with deep experience in plasma spray operations.


Coating services are provided on a best efforts basis. You can reserve and use as many days as you need. We will work with you ahead of time to work on a detailed estimate of time and cost before you commit to any project.

“Solution Spray Technologies is offering cut-edge plasma spray solutions for customers that need to test new products and those developing new coating chemistries. We are a great alternative to large coating companies or academic R&D groups as we understand the tight timelines and project cost limitations of many industrial R&D efforts, and offer a unique balance of expertise, access to developed intellectual property and cost competitiveness that is hard to find in this field.”

Eric Jordan, President and COO, Solution Spray Technologies