Thermal Spray Torches

High-Velocity Oxygen Fuel

METCO Water-Cooled Diamond Jet: Capitalizing on HVOF, powder particles arrive with supersonic speeds at the substrate interface and plastically deform. Deposited coatings have high density, low oxide content, and strong adherence to the substrate

Plasma Spray

METCO 9MB: A high-power plasma gun delivering a formidable stream of ionized particles with exceptional precision and power, delivering coatings with an accelerated spray rate, consistent gas flow at all power ranges, adaptability to mount BETE and Bird Precision nozzles

THERMACH SG-100 with ID (inner diameter) extension: Capable of high-volume production, varying the inner diameter allows for precise control of the ionized particle stream, resulting in coatings with:

OERLIKON METCO SINPLEX Pro: A small, single cathode, and adaptable torch utilizing cascaded arc technology.

6PII – Flame Spray



Elevator Furnace